Description of the organisation


Ayming is the new international business performance consulting group, combining 30 years' expertise from the merger of Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï. Our business is to support your business by helping you to develop your overall performance.


Within the Finance and Innovation performance division, a specialized and experienced team of 50 consultants and experts with and engineer and/or a PhD background is at your disposal to support your national and international R&D projects providing training, upstream and strategic support, R&D project engineering and coordination but also innovation management. This team gathers 20 years of experience (since the FP4) and is based both in Lyon and Paris (France).


Ayming owns a recognized expertise in the management of collaborative projects covering all thematic and takes in charge the day-to-day (operational) project management. Thanks to its collaboration with R&D consortia Ayming has developed specific and original knowledge and methodologies in the management of partnerships to efficiently support the achievement of their objectives.


In the FP7, Ayming has been involved in 150 funded projects and was ranked among the top 14 French participants in FP7. Ayming also participates in the set-up and management of a significant number of intergovernmental or national projects (Eurêka, Eurostars, PISI, ANR, PIA, FUI...). Since the launch of H2020, Ayming contributed to the successful funding of more than 30 projects.


Role in the project


In COSMICC, AYMING will support CEA in the project management. It will also support the consortium in the dissemination and the exploitation of results.



Main contact

Julie Chupin

Ayming 55 Avenue René Cassin

69009 Lyon



+33 4 72 35 88 28

Key peopled involved

Etienne Macron (male) is a Senior Consultant in the Business Unit Grant solutions. He is graduated in mechanical engineering with a specialisation in management of innovative projects from the Technical University of Compiègne (France). He joined Alma CG in 2001. Previously, he worked within the glass industry (Arc International), the automotive supply industry (MECAPLAST Group) and the mechanical industry (Atlas Copco Group). Etienne has a solid experience in the missions related to setting-up, negotiation and coordination of national and European collaborative research projects for companies of different size and in several technological domains (rail transport, nano-materials, photovoltaic energy, paper…). He has been involved in the setting up of about 80 collaborative projects at the French national level (BPI France (FUI et PISI), ADEME, Investissements d’avenir) as well as at the European level (Eurêka, FP5, FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020). This recognised experience allowed him to be responsible for the management of complex projects involving up to 40 public and private entities and for total budgets up to 180 M€. Etienne has in particular been collaborating with industrial and academic key players such as: CEA, ST MICROELECTRONICS, AIR LIQUIDE, ARKEMA, SOLVAY, ALSTOM, SIEMENS TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, SNCF…

Julie CHUPIN (female) is consultant in the Grant solutions Business Unit. After a post-graduation in Management and Business Administration obtained in France at University Jean Moulin Lyon III in 2001, and a master in Foreign Languages, Julie joined ALMA in 2003. She is involved in collaborative EU projects for 12 years, supporting project coordinators to manage their FP6, FP7 and JTI projects. She is therefore highly experienced in the management of collaborative projects and very familiar with the complete framework of dedicated management tools, reporting follow-up, financial management, contractual guidelines, partners cooperation mechanisms... Her most recent projects within FP6 and FP7 are DOTSEVEN (FP7, ICT), LEXNET (FP7, ICT), INTEGRATE (FP7, JTI ENIAC/ECSEL), NANOTHER (FP7, NMP) and BIOCOUP (FP6, Energy). In addition, her key assets for this supporting role to the coordinator CEA in the COSMICC project are related to the ability to perform critical assessment via in-house management tools (dashboard, KPI, Quality & Risk Plans) and thus ensuring the project’s objectives are met while complying with the contractual framework. Moreover, being familiar with the multidisciplinary and transnational characteristics of such consortia, she will be in a position to guarantee a continuous and smooth communication with the partners and the financing institution. Finally, her experience in handling specific communication actions for collaborative projects will also allow her to work closely with the Dissemination & Communication Manager, USTAN.