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Description of the organisation


STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$ 7.40 billion in 2014. Offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength.


ST focuses its product strategy on sense and power technologies, automotive products, and embedded-processing solutions and is among the world leaders in a broad range of segments. The Sense and Power segment encompasses MEMS and sensors, power discrete, and advanced analog products. The Automotive portfolio covers all key application areas from powertrain and safety to car body and infotainment. The Embedded Processing Solutions include microcontrollers, digital consumer and imaging products, and digital ASICs.


ST products are found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people's lives: from energy management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office, at work and at play.


Since its creation, ST has maintained an unwavering commitment to R&D and has established a strong culture of partnership and through the years has created a worldwide network of strategic alliances with key customers, suppliers, competitors, and leading universities and research institutes around the world. Almost one fifth of its employees work in R&D and product design and in 2014 the Company spent about 21% of its revenue in R&D. STMicroelectronics was one of the first global industrial companies to recognize the importance of environmental responsibility and, over the past 15 years, the ST’s sites have received more than 100 awards for excellence in all areas of Sustainability, from quality and product responsibility to corporate governance, social issues, employee health and safety, and environmental protection.


ST’s PIC25 Silicon photonics technology is developed in our 300mm CMOS fab in Crolles. It embeds neither Complementary MOS device nor any other electric transistor, but uses the same existing equipment and technology know-how as the traditional ST processes. In addition to optical modules, our Silicon Photonics technology is suitable for use in multi-chip module packages in conjunction with electrical interposers, for middle of the board application. In an evolutionary scenario, the Silicon Photonics technology will not only provide optical data generation and detection, but may also play the role of (optical) interposer in conjunction with one or more high-speed ASICs.


Role in the project


ST-I leads WP4 and is mainly involved in specification definition, Electronic design, Si-photonics design (in WP3), Electronic die level characterization , 3D assembly level characterization and Electronic ICs wafer management.

Main contact

Melchiorre Bruccoleri


Via C.Olivetti

2, Agrate Brianza (MI) 20864




Key people involved

Melchiorre Bruccoleri (male) received the Laurea degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Genova, Italy, in 1993. He has been working with STMicroelectronics since 1994.He has been working in several areas concerning BiCMOS & CMOS Analog and RF design, first in HDD R/W channel and wireless & wireline communication. In 2008 became Advance R&D Manager and Interface vs external University & Research centers in the High Speed Interfaces Group-DCG Product Group. Since 2015 he is working as R&D manager within Digital and Mixed processes ASIC (DMA) Division of the Digital Product Group. He has authored or coauthored of several U.S. patents and journal/conference papers.

Maurizio Zuffada (male) received the Laurea Degree in Electrical Engineering from Università di Pavia. He joined STMicroelectronics in 1981 by working in the consumer segment as an IC analog designer. In 1990 he and his team were entering in the storage ICs design for hard disk drive applications. In 1994 he becomes the R&D director of the Data Storage Division. In 2003, with the foundation of the Computer Peripheral Group, he was appointed R&D Group Director. In 2005 he moved to Advanced R&D with particular emphasis on strategic IPs. In 2005 he joined the Medea_Plus European R&D organization as representative for STMicroelectronics Italy. Currently he is involved in strategic researches and R&D programs for high speed low energy communications. He is currently inside the Catrene SGA European’s organization and EPIC’s board member. During the last 8 years he and his R&D team were following the progresses on the emerging “Silicon Photonics Technology”. On that particular technology he has summarized the state of the art and his vision in the joint plenary session of the ESSCIRC 2012, EU Nanotech Forum 2012, in the work shop of EU Photonics21 2013, ECOC 2013 and SEMICON 2013. He holds many patents of which 28 are US patents.

Guido Chiaretti (male), is currently Director of new technologies inside the R&D “Digital and Mixed processes ASIC” (DMA) Division inside the Digital Product Group of ST-Italy, in Milan of ST. His present main research activities are in the field of Silicon Photonics. In 2000 he joined STMicroelectronics to develop PLC technology for optical switching. In the early 90’ he led the development of Planar Ligthwave Circuit Technology (PLC) together with Bell Labs groups for advanced integrated optical transmission modules. In 1981 he joined Italtel R&D where, as head of Photonic Unit of central R&D, he developed and designed several optical active modules and passive devices for telecommunication applications.

Antonio Fincato (male) obtained his Degree in Physics in 1984 from Pavia University with a Specialization in Elementary Particle Physics. He worked at CERN, University of Milan and Clermont-Ferrand, CSELT, Italtel, AT&T Bell Labs and SIEMENS. In 2000 he joined STMicroelectronics where is responsible for the design of optics and photonics devices within the R&D of “Digital and Mixed processes ASIC” (DMA) Division inside the Digital Product Group. Since 1986 he is working in optics and photonics mainly for fiber optical telecommunications, participating in European and national projects. He holds several Patents in the field of Optoelectronics and is author or co-author of several papers and Conference contributions.