In a first high reward step-modification of the fabrication platform, COSMICC consortium will achieve mid-board optical transceivers in the [2Tbit/s -2pJ/ bit- 0.2€ per Gbit/s]-class with ~200Gbit/s per fiber: the introduction of one process brick (SiN layer) in the photonic process will enable low-cost packaging techniques (up to 2x12 fiber channels) and practical coarse WDM implementation (4 wavelengths with no temperaturecontrol requirements).


The built demonstrators will be tested in laband field environments. In compliancy with the enhancedfabrication platform, lasers will be developed by heterogeneous integration of III-V material, targeting improved temperature behaviour, and doubled-bit-rate payback.


A second step-modification of the fabrication platform will consist in evaluating a disruptive process that enables SiGe layers with tunable Si-composition for achieving micrometer-scale devices.